Dan. initial [skw] became [sw]; [skw-] > [sw-]

Dan. initial [skw] became [sw]; [skw-] > [sw-]
Initial [skw] became [sw] in Danian as indicated in the Comparative Tables (PE19/22) and by Dan. swarn < ᴹ√SKWAR in The Etymologies (Ety/SKWAR). This change must have occurred before [w] vanished after medial velars in Ossiriandic. In the case of East Danian, the result further developed into [sv] when non-initial [w] became [v].

Reference ✧ PE19/22

Order (01100)

Before 01200 [w] vanished after medial velars in Ossiriandic

Phonetic Rule Elements

[skw-] > [sw-] ✧ PE19/20 (skw- > sw-)

Phonetic Rule Examples

skw- > sw- skw- > sw- ᴹ✶skw- > ED. sv- ✧ PE19/20
skwarnā > swarnā skw- > sw- ᴹ√SKWAR > Dan. swarn ✧ Ety/SKWAR