Dan. [w] vanished after medial velars in Ossiriandic; [-{kxg}w-] > [-{kxg}-]

Dan. [w] vanished after medial velars in Ossiriandic; [-{kxg}w-] > [-{kxg}-]
The semi-vowel [w] was generally lost after velars in Ossiriandic as indicated in the Comparative Tables (PE19/23) and by Dan. ealc < ᴹ√alkwā in The Etymologies (Ety/ÁLAK). In East Danian the medial [w]-sound was generally retained and later developed into [v] (PE19/23). The development after the voiced velar stop [g] seems to have been more complicated, however. The Comparative Tables indicate that medial [gw] sometimes became [g] and sometimes [w] in both Ossiriandic and East Danian (with [w] > [v] in East Danian), but there is not enough information to determine the conditions controlling these developments.

Order (01200)

After 01100 initial [skw] became [sw]
Before 02300 medial [x] vanished between vowels ᴹ✶-khw- > Dan. - PE19/23

Phonetic Rule Elements

[-kw-] > [-k-] ✧ PE19/23 (-kw- > -c-)
[-xw-] > [-x-]
[-gw-] > [-g-] ✧ PE19/23 (-gw- > w, g); PE19/23 (-gw- > v, g)

Phonetic Rule Examples

-ŋgw- > -ŋg- -gw- > -g- ᴹ✶-ŋw- > uu̯ > Dan. gg(w) ✧ PE19/23
alkwā > alkā -kw- > -k- ᴹ✶alk-wā > Dan. ealc ✧ Ety/ÁLAK
-xw- > -x- -xw- > -x- ᴹ✶-khw- > Dan. - ✧ PE19/23