√Ad. NAK root. (biconsonantal-verb) “?” (Category: )

√Ad. NAK root. (biconsonantal-verb) “?” (Category: )

An otherwise unexplained root that Tolkien used to illustrate the processes of Primitive Adûnaic word formation (SD/422-3). It may have no real meaning. Even if it were, certainly only a few of its derivatives could be real words in Classical Adûnaic.

References ✧ SD/422-423



NAKA full-form ✧ SD/422; SD/423
NAKI subordinate-vowel-variation ✧ SD/423
NAKU subordinate-vowel-variation ✧ SD/423
ANAK vowel-prefixion ✧ SD/422
ANKA vowel-prefixion vowel-suppression ✧ SD/422
-NKA vowel-suppression ✧ SD/422
DA-NKA vowel-suppression ✧ SD/422