Primitive Adûnaic Semantic Categories

1. Physical World

1.51 Sky, Heavens

MINIL root. “heaven, sky”

1.54 Star

GIMIL root. “*star”

1.62 Darkness

DAWAR root. “*gloom”
dāw’r n. “gloom”

2. Mankind

3. Animals

3.41 Horse (generic)

KARAB root. “?horse”

3.642 Crow, Raven

khaw n. “crow”

4. Body Parts and Functions

4.33 Hand

PAƷ root. “hand”
paʒa n. “hand”

5. Food and Drink

6. Clothing and Adornment

7. Dwelling and Furniture

8. Agriculture and Vegetation

8.21 to Plow; Plow

RUTH root. “scar, score, furrow”

8.54 Root

KULUB root. “*root (as a kind of plant)”

9. Physical Acts and Materials

9.112 Doer, Agent

*-ān suf. “agental suffix”

10. Motion and Transportation

10.23 to Fall

KALAB root. “fall”

10.48 to Come

NAKH root. “come, approach”

11. Possession and Trade

12. Spatial Relations

12.56 Small, Little

MIY root. “small”

13. Quantity and Number

13.33 Alone, Only

ʔIR root. “one, alone”

14. Time

15. Sense Perception

15.56 to Shine, Glisten

NIMIR root. “shine”

16. Emotion

16.27 to Love; Love

IR root. “*love”
izray n. “*sweetheart, beloved”
ZIR root. “love, desire”

16.272 Friendship

BEL root. “*befriend, love”

17. Mind and Thought

17.16 to Understand

SAPHAD root. “understand”

18. Language and Music

18.22 to Say

BITH root. “say”

19. Social Relations

19.11 Country, Nation

thāni n. “realm”

20. Warfare and Hunting

21. Law and Judgment

22. Religion and Beliefs

22.431 Sorcerer, Wizard

saphdān n. “wise man, wizard”

22.45 Ghost, Specter, Phantom

manaw n. “spirit”

23. Grammar

23.4 Pronoun

*HI root. “she”
*ƷU root. “he”

23.5 Noun Inflection

-yī n. “plural inflection”

23.9 Affix

-k suf. “*masculine suffix”
-th suf. “feminine suffix”