√Ad. GIMIL root. (triconsonantal-root) “*star” (Category: Star)

√Ad. GIMIL root. (triconsonantal-root) “*star” (Category: Star)

One of the roots Tolkien used to illustrate various processes of Primitive Adûnaic word formation (SD/422-5). It also seems to be the basis of words related to stars, such as gimli.

References ✧ SD/422-423, 425, 434



GIMĒL a-fortification ✧ SD/425
GĒMIL a-fortification ✧ SD/425
IGMĒL a-fortification ✧ SD/425
GIMILLA consonant-doubling ✧ SD/425
GIMMIL consonant-doubling ✧ SD/425
GIMIL full-form ✧ SD/425
GIMAL subordinate-vowel-variation ✧ SD/425
GIMLA subordinate-vowel-variation ✧ SD/423; SD/425
GIMLU subordinate-vowel-variation ✧ SD/423; SD/425
GIMUL subordinate-vowel-variation ✧ SD/425
IGIML vowel-prefixion ✧ SD/422
IGMIL vowel-prefixion vowel-suppression ✧ SD/422; SD/425
GIMLI vowel-suffixion ✧ SD/422; SD/425
-GMIL vowel-suppression ✧ SD/422
DA-GMIL vowel-suppression ✧ SD/422