✶Ad. dāw’r n. “gloom” (Category: Darkness)

✶Ad. dāw’r n. “gloom” (Category: Darkness)

A Primitive Adûnaic word glossed “gloom” (SD/423), the only attested example of a single-vowel-form for a triconsonantal-root. Ordinarily such a form would not be possible, since final consonant clusters did not appear in Primitive Adûnaic (SD/418, 426). It is possible that such forms were valid in the case of medial semi-vowels [w] and [j], however, since [w] and [j] became [u] and [i] before consonants and finally, thereby preventing a cluster from forming.

Reference ✧ SD/423 ✧ “gloom”



Phonetic Developments

√Ad. DAWAR > dāw’r [dāwr] ✧ SD/423