Ad. #tabad- v. (triconsonantal-verb) “to touch” (Category: to Touch)

Ad. #tabad- v. (triconsonantal-verb) “to touch” (Category: to Touch)
A verb translated “touch”, attested only in the phrase bâ kitabda “Don’t touch me!” (SD/250). The initial element ki is perhaps the 2nd person pronoun “you”, and the final element is perhaps the object pronoun “me”. This leaves the middle element tabda “touch”, which looks like the aorist tense of a triconsonantal verb tabad-. Most authors agree with this decomposition of the verb (EotAL/TAB’D, NBA/18, AL/Adûnaic), though Thorsten Renk suggested (NBA/18) the final element is a marker of the imperative.

References ✧ SD/250


tabda aorist “touch” ✧ SD/250

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