Q. Tumbaletaurëa pn. “Deepvalleyforested”

Q. Tumbaletaurëa, pn. “Deepvalleyforested”

A descriptive name of Fangorn appearing in the even longer Entish description of that land: Taurelilómëa-tumbalemorna Tumbaletaurëa Lómëanor (LotR/467). The name is a combination of tumbalë “deep valley, depth” and taurëa “forested” (LotR/1131, PE17/80).

References ✧ Let/448; LotR/467, 1131



tumbalë “depth, deep valley” ✧ LotR/1131
#taurëa “forested” ✧ LotR/1131
tumba “deep valley” ✧ Let/308
taurë “forest, (great) wood” ✧ Let/308

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