Q. Aracondo m. “*Noble Prince”

Q. Aracondo, m. “*Noble Prince”

A name associated with Turgon in a set of notes exploring possibly etymologies of his name (PE17/113), possibly his mother-name since Sarafinwë is given as his father-name in the same notes, while Turukondo (from which Turgon is derived) is said to be his “title”. Its Sindarin cognate Argond is similar to the Sindarin form of the name of Fingolfin’s son Aracáno, so perhaps Aracondo is a precursor that name. Aracondo is a compound of ar(a)- “noble” and condo “prince”.

References ✧ PE17/113



ar(a)- “noble, high”
cundo “lord, guardian”
kundō “prince, leader, lord” ✧ PE17/113 (kondō); PE17/113 (kondō)