Ad. Aphanuzîr m. “?Bliss-friend”

Ad. Aphanuzîr m. “?Bliss-friend”

The Adûnaic name for Q. Amandil (SD/389). The last element of this name is an agental-formation for the verb zîr- “to love”, also seen in the name of his son Nimruzîr “Elf-friend” (Q. Elendil). The initial element seems to be the objective form of a noun aphana, whose meaning is unclear. The equivalent element in his Quenya name is Aman “Blessed Realm”, but Tolkien had not yet coined this word when he invented the name Aphanuzîr. Andreas Moehn suggested (EotAL/PHAN) that it means “bliss”. This fits the earlier story of the Lost Road (LR), in which Tolkien wrote of various incarnations of a father and son whose names were “Bliss-friend” and “Elf-friend” in many languages. Amandil and Elendil were two of these incarnations.

Conceptual Development: The first Adûnaic name given to this character was Arbazân (SD/365).

References ✧ SD/389; SDI2/Amandil, Aphanuzîr


*aphana “?bliss” objective ✧ SD/389 (#Aphanu)
zîr- “*to love, desire” agental-formation ✧ SD/389 (#-zîr)


Ad. Arbazân m.

The draft name for Aphanuzîr. Tolkien may have changed the name because of its similarity to Abrazân “*Steadfast, Faithful”.

References ✧ SD/365, 389; SDI2/Aphanuzîr, Arbazân