Q. *Elerondo m. “Elrond, (lit.) Star-dome”

Q. *Elerondo, m. “Elrond, (lit.) Star-dome”

Probably the Quenya name of S. Elrond, attested only in the names Elerondiel and (rejected) Elerondorel for his daughter Arwen (PE17/56). These two names probably meant “*Daughter of Elrond”. The name Elerondo was therefore probably a compound of elen “star” and rondo¹ “vaulted roof”, a direct translation of S. Elrond. The final -n of elen was probably assimilated to the r, which also happened in the names Elerossë and Elerrína.


elen “star”
rondo¹ “vaulted or arched roof, vaulted hall”

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