Ad. [w] ‹w,v›

Ad. [w] ‹w,v›

A primitive consonant that survived into Classical Adûnaic (SD/418). It is also used as a glide-consonant to separate [u] from a following vowel (SD/424). After consonants it was pronounced like English “w”, but at the beginning of words it was more spirantal (SD/419). Tolkien sometimes represented this sound with the letter “v” (SD/434); the spirantal pronunciation of the consonant at the beginning of words was probably v-like.

References ✧ SD/418-420, 424, 434


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Phonetic Development

Ad. [ɣ] became [w], [j] between [u], [i] and another vowel uwV < uɣV ✧ SD/420 ([uɣV] > [uwV])
Ad. glide consonant [w] or [j] was inserted between [u] or [i] and a following distinct vowel uwV < uøV ✧ SD/424 (ū̆-ā̆,ū̆-ī̆ > ū̆wā̆,ū̆wī̆)