S. Mithrandir m. “Grey Pilgrim, Grey Wanderer”

S. Mithrandir, m. “Grey Pilgrim, Grey Wanderer”

Sindarin name of Gandalf, translated “Grey Pilgrim” (LotR/670) or “Grey Wanderer” (LotR/827). This name is a combination of mith “grey” and randir “wanderer, pilgrim” (SA/mith, PE17/60, VT42/13).

Conceptual Development: When this name first appeared in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, it was already N. Mithrandir with the translations given above (TI/251).

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mith “grey, light grey, pale grey” ✧ PE17/47; PE17/60; SA/mith
randir “wanderer, wandering man, pilgrim” ✧ PE17/60; VT42/13 (randír)
RAN “wander, stray, meander, go on an uncertain course, go aside from a course (commanded or self-chosen); err” ✧ SA/ran; UT/242

N. Mithrandir m. “Grey Wanderer/Pilgrim”

See S. Mithrandir for discussion.

References ✧ TI/251; TII; WRI



mith¹ “grey”
rhandir “wanderer, pilgrim”