S. Arthor na Challonnas loc. “Realm of the South-harbourage”

S. Arthor na Challonnas, loc. “Realm of the South-harbourage”
An old (Númenórean?) name for the region of Gondor (PE17/28). It is a combination of arthor “realm”, the preposition na(n) “of” and the lenited form Challonnas of its shorter name Hallonnas “South-harbourage”.

Reference ✧ PE17/28 ✧ “Realm of the South-harbourage”


arthor “realm” ✧ PE17/28
na(n) “of; with, along with, accompanied by, provided with or by, associated with, marked with” ✧ PE17/28 (na)
#Hallonnas “South-harbourage” nasal-mutation ✧ PE17/28 (Challonnas)