Q. Lámasampanë pn. “Combination of Sounds”

Q. Lámasampanë, pn. “Combination of Sounds”

Title of a section describing sound combination in Primitive Elvish from a document written in the early 1950s (PE18/82). It is a compound of láma “sound” and sampanë “combination”. It was copied from the section-title ᴹQ. Lámasampane from a similar document written in the 1930s (PE18/30).

References ✧ PE18/8, 90



láma “sound” ✧ PE18/90
#sampanë “combination” ✧ PE18/90 (#sampane)

ᴹQ. Lámasampane pn. “Combination of Sounds”

See Q. Lámasampanë for discussion.

Reference ✧ PE18/40 ✧ “Combination of Sounds”


láma “ringing sound, echo; sound” ✧ PE18/40
#sampane “combination” ✧ PE18/40 (#sampane)