ᴹQ. Ando Lómen pn. “Door of Night”

ᴹQ. Ando Lómen, pn. “Door of Night”

Name of the “Doors of Night” leading beyond the world in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (SM/237, 241), also appearing as a rejected name in The Etymologies as combination of ando “door” and the genitive of lóme “night” (EtyAC/LOƷ).

References ✧ EtyAC/LOƷ; SM/237, 241; SMI/Ando Lómen



ando “gate, door” ✧ EtyAC/LOƷ (Ando); SM/241
lóme “night, night-time, shades of night, gloom” genitive ✧ EtyAC/LOƷ (Lómen); SM/241 (Lómen)