S. Laegolas m. “Green-foliage”

S. Laegolas, m. “Green-foliage”

The true Sindarin form of Nan. Legolas, a combination of laeg “green” and the lenited form of golas “foliage” (Let/282, PE17/56). In some places this name also appeared as S. Legolas with the diphthong [ae] reduced to [e] in the compound, (P17/84, 159), but the exact mechanism for this is unclear.

Conceptual Development: See Nan. Legolas for the earlier developments of this name.

References ✧ Let/282; PE17/56, 84, 159




laeg “fresh and green, viridis, green (of leaves/herbiage)” ✧ Let/282; PE17/84; PE17/159
golas “foliage, collection of leaves” ✧ Let/282; PE17/84 (go-las); PE17/159 (golas(s))