Q. Orocarni loc. “Red Mountains”

Q. Orocarni, loc. “Red Mountains”

A mountain range near Cuiviénen where the elves awoke, described as the “Mountains of the East” (S/49) and translated “Red Mountains” (MR/77). This name is a compound of the prefix oro- “mountain” and the plural of carnë “red” (SA/orod, caran).

Conceptual Development: As pointed out by Christopher Tolkien, the Orocarni as described in The Silmarillion correspond to a mountain range appearing on the earlier Ambarkanta maps, with the label the “Red Mountains” (SM/256, MR/77 notes §41).

References ✧ MR/77; MRI/Orokarni; S/49; SA/caran, orod; SI; SM/256; SMI





orto “mount, mountain, hill”
carnë “red, scarlet” plural ✧ SA/caran