Q. Orofarnë pn. “Mountain Ash; Mountain-dwelling”

Q. Orofarnë, pn. “Mountain Ash; Mountain-dwelling”
The name of a tree in Fangorn beloved of the Ent Bregalad (LotR/483). It is a compound of the prefix oro- “mountain” and the word farnë “rowan”, thus meaning “mountain ash” (PE17/83). Elsewhere, Tolkien indicated the name meant “mountain-dwelling” (Let/224), but there is no attested Quenya word far- with a sense like “dwell”.

References ✧ Let/224; LotR/483; LotRI; PE17/83



orto “mount, mountain, hill” ✧ PE17/83 (oro-)
farnë “ash, rowan” ✧ PE17/83 (‽fărnĭ)