Q. Átaremma

Q. Átaremma

Tolkien’s translation of the Lord’s Prayer into Quenya, composed sometime in the 1950s (VT43/7), first published in the “Words of Joy (Part One)” article in Vinyar Tengwar #43. There are six versions of the prayer, labeled by Tolkien I-VI (VT43/8-12). Version II has two variations, which the editors labeled IIa and IIb. These revisions were apparently in two phases: I-IV and V-VI (VT43/5-6).

The version presented here is based on version VI (VT43/12) with a few minor changes:

Further discussion of the textual history can be found in the analysis of the individual phrases. My analysis largely follows that of the “Átaremma” section (VT43/8-26) of the “Words of Joy” article, though I also consulted Helge Fauskanger’s analysis of the prayer in his “Lord’s Prayer and Ave Maria” article.


Átaremma i ëa han Eä “our Father who art in Heaven”
na airë esselya “hallowed be thy name”
aranielya na tuluva “thy kingdom come”
na carë indómelya “thy will be done”
cemendë tambe Erumandë “on Earth as [it is] in Heaven”
ámen anta síra ilaurëa massamma “give us this day our daily bread”
ar ámen apsenë úcaremmar “and forgive us our trespasses”
sív’ emmë apsenet tien i úcarir emmen “as we forgive those who trespass against us”
álamë tulya úsahtienna “[and] lead us not into temptation”
mal ámë etelehta ulcullo: násië “but deliver us from evil: Amen”