S. Finduilas f.

S. Finduilas, f.

Daughter of Orodreth who loved Túrin (S/209). The initial element of her name seems to be fîn “hair” (SA/fin), but the meaning of the rest of her name is unclear. This was also the name of the wife of Denethor (LotR/961).

Conceptual Development: When this character first appeared in the Lays of Beleriand from the 1920s, she was briefly named ᴱN. Findóriel, but was soon renamed ᴱN. Finduilas (LB/81), which remained her name thereafter. This name was also briefly used for the characters Arwen (WR/370) and Galadriel (TI/249).

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fîn “(single) hair, filament” ✧ SA/fin (fin-)

N. Finduilas f.

See S. Finduilas for discussion.

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ᴱN. Finduilas f.

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