Q. Máhanaxar loc. “Ring of Doom, *(lit.) Ring of Judgement”

Q. Máhanaxar, loc. “Ring of Doom, *(lit.) Ring of Judgement”

The circle of thrones where the Valar sat in council (S/38), an adaptation of the Valarin word Māχananaškād “Doom-ring” (WJ/399, 401). The Valarin word māχan more accurately means “authority, authoritative decision” (WJ/399), so the “doom” in its English translation is most likely used in its older sense “judgement”. This circle is also known by the (Vanyarin?) name Rithil-Anamo, said to be a translation of the same Valarin name (WJ/401).

References ✧ S/38; SI/Máhanaxar, Ring of Doom; WJ/399, 401; WJI




Máhan “one of the eight chiefs of the Valar”
Val. māχan “authority, authoritative decision” ✧ WJ/399


Phonetic Developments

Val. māχananaškād > Máhanaxar [māxananaskad] ? [māxanaskad] > [māxanaskað] > [māhanaskað] > [māhanaskar] > [māhanaksar] ✧ WJ/401