ᴱQ. I Oros Valinoriva loc. “*Mountains of Valinor”

⚠️ᴱQ. I Oros Valinoriva, loc. “*Mountains of Valinor”

Mountains in Valinor in a very early map, which Christopher Tolkien translated as the “Mountains of Valinor” (LT1/64, 84-5). Its initial element might be an early variant of oro “hill” followed by an adjectival form of Valinor. The form Toros as published in The Lost Tales is hard to read, and Wynne, Gilson and Hostetter suggested the reading I oros is more likely (VT28/30).

Reference ✧ LT1/85 ✧ Toros valinoriva “*Mountains of Valinor”


oro “hill” plural ✧ VT28/30 (Toros)
Valinor “Land of the Gods” adjectival ✧ LT1/85 (valinoriva)