Q. Rómestámo m. “East-helper”

Q. Rómestámo, m. “East-helper”

In some late notes, this was the name of one of the Blue Wizards (S. Ithryn Luin), elsewhere called Alatar and Pallando (PM/385). The name was translated as “East-helper”. Its initial element is probably an assimilated form of rómen “east”, so that its second element -stámo must mean “helper”, though what form it would have taken as an independent word is unclear.

Conceptual Development: J.R.R. Tolkien also gave this name as Róme(n)star, with the same initial element, but its final element seems to be the plural of the suffix -sta¹ “land, *part” (PM/391, note #28). How this variant fits with the gloss “East-helper” is unclear.

References ✧ PM/385, 391; PMI/Rómenstámo, Rómestámo





rómen “east, uprising, sunrise” ✧ PM/385 (Róme-)
*sámo “helper” ✧ PM/385 (#-stámo)