Q. Alatar m.

Q. Alatar, m.
One of the Ithryn Luin (Blue Wizards) who went to the East and South (UT/394). The meaning of his name is unclear, though the final element seems to be -tar “-lord” as seen in other names like Annatar and Sorontar. Damien Bador suggested that it might be related to ✶alatā “radiance” (variant form of ✶ñ(g)alatā) or a restoration of [ᴱQ.] alatya- “to protect”, analogous to his other name Rómestámo “East-helper”.

References ✧ PMI; UTI



tar-¹ “high”

Q. Haimenar m. “*Far-farer”

A Quenya name for one of the Ithryn Luin (Blue Wizards) appearing in notes from 1959 (NM/95), apparently a combination of ᴹ√KHAY “far” and Q. men- “go” so perhaps “*Far-farer” as suggested by Carl Hostetter (NM/102 note #7).

Reference ✧ NM/95


ᴹ√KHAY “far, distant, remote”
men- “to go, proceed, move (generally); to come, arrive”
#-r(o) “agental suffix”