Q. Alamanyar coll. “(Elves) Not of Aman”

Q. Alamanyar, coll. “(Elves) Not of Aman”
An earlier version of Úmanyar, differing only in its use of the prefix al(a)-¹ for negation instead of ú- (MR/170). In some late notes from the end of the 1960s, Tolkien considered restoring this form (PE21/72; PE22/156).

See Q. Úmanyar for further discussion.

References ✧ MR/163, 170, 223; MRI/Alamanyar, Úmanyar; PE18/77; PE21/72; PE22/156




al(a)-¹ “in-, un-, not; †-less, without” ✧ PE22/156 (ala)
Amanyar “Those of Aman”