Q. Amanyar coll. “Those of Aman”

Q. Amanyar, coll. “Those of Aman”
A collective term referring to the Elves who reached Aman (SI/Úmanyar). It included the Noldorin Exiles who left to war against Morgoth, but excluded the Sindarin who never left Beleriand (WJ/373). It is a combination of the name Aman with the adjectival suffix -ya¹. It seems unlikely that the term Amanya would be used for a single Elf of the Amanyar, but it could be used as an adjective, for example Amanya Telerin referring to the Telerin elves that reach Aman (WJ/411).

References ✧ SI/Úmanyar; WJ/373, 411; WJI





Amanya singular ✧ WJ/411; WJI/Amanyar


Aman “Blessed Realm”
-ya¹ “adjective suffix” plural

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