Q. Tareldar coll. “High-elves”

Q. Tareldar, coll. “High-elves”

A term for the “Elves who were in or who ever had dwelt in Aman” (MR/349). As such, it was equivalent to the (less arrogant sounding) term Amanyar. This name is a compound of tar- “high” and the plural of Elda “Elf”. This name appeared in The Silmarillion index (SI/Eldar) but not in The Silmarillion itself, though the English term “High Elves” appeared frequently in Tolkien’s writing.

References ✧ MR/349; MRI; SI/Eldar




tar-¹ “high”
Elda “Elf, (lit.) one of the Star-folk” plural ✧ SI/Eldar (Eldar)