S. Tyrn Gorthad loc. “Barrow-downs”

S. Tyrn Gorthad, loc. “Barrow-downs”

Sindarin name of the Barrow-downs (LotR/1040), a combination of the plural of torn¹ “burial mound” and gorthad “wraith, spirit of Dead” (PE17/116), also appearing in the (archaic?) form Tyrn Goerthaid in drafts of the Lord of the Rings appendices (PM/194).

References ✧ LotR/1040; LotRI/Barrow-downs, Tyrn Gorthad; PE17/116; PMI/Tyrn Goerthaid; UTI/Tyrn Gorthad




torn¹ “burial mound” plural ✧ PE17/116
gorthad “wraith, spirit of Dead” ✧ PE17/116; PMI/Tyrn Goerthaid (Goerthaid)