N. Uvanwaith loc. “Nomenlands”

N. Uvanwaith, loc. “Nomenlands”

The “Nomenlands” between the Border Hills (later called Emyn Muil) and Mordor in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s (TI/281). The initial element ú- is probably the negative suffix, and the final element is probably a lenited variant of gweith used of both people and lands, but the meaning of the middle element is unclear. Roman Rausch suggested it might be anw “male” or a lenited form of man “someone” (EE/2.42).

References ✧ TI/281; TII



ú- “un, bad-”
gweith “manhood; man-power, troop of able bodied men, host, regiment”