ᴱQ. Tilkal pn.

⚠️ᴱQ. Tilcal, pn.

Name of a magical metal created by Aule in the earliest Lost Tales (LT1/100), a combination of the initial letters of the names of the metals: tambe “copper”, ilsa “silver”, latúken “tin”, kanu “lead”, anga “iron”, and laure “gold”.

References ✧ LT1/100; LT1A/Tilkal; LT1I


tambe “copper, bronze” ✧ LT1/100; LT1A/Tilkal
ilsa “(mystic name of) silver” ✧ LT1/100; LT1A/Tilkal
latúken “tin” ✧ LT1/100; LT1A/Tilkal
kanu “lead” ✧ LT1/100; LT1A/Tilkal
anga “iron” ✧ LT1/100; LT1A/Tilkal
laure “(mystic name of) gold” ✧ LT1/100; LT1A/Tilkal