Q. Melkorohíni coll. “Children of Melkor”

Q. Melcorohíni, coll. “Children of Melkor”

Name of the Orcs as children of Melkor, a parody of the name Eruhíni for Elves and Men as children of Eru (MR/416). It is a compound of Melkor and the plural form of hína “child”. It also appeared in the form Melkorosēni (MR/423), similar to the variant form Erusēn(i) of Eruhíni, but the etymology of this form is unclear. Both versions of this name imply a stem form Melkoro- for Melkor, but this is contradicted by other examples. See the entry on Melkor for further discussion.

References ✧ MR/416, 423; MRI




Melkor “He who arises in Might; (lit.) Mighty Arising”
hína “child” plural