ᴹQ. Lemberin pn. “*of the Lembi”

ᴹQ. Lemberin, pn. “*of the Lembi”

A term for the language(s) of the Lembi from linguistic writings of the 1930s (LR/171), also appearing as Lembarin (PE18/26), a compound of that name with the language suffix -rin.

Conceptual Development: This term did appear in some later writings (PM/30) but was ultimately replaced by Avarin.

See Q. Lembi for further discussion.

References ✧ LR/171; LRI/Lembian; PE18/26




Lembi “Those That Lingered” singular ✧ LR/171 (#Lembe)
#-rin “-ian, racial-adjective, language” ✧ LR/171 (#-rin)