Ad. gender grammar.

Ad. gender grammar.

Adûnaic nouns can be classified by their gender. This is not a formal grammatical gender, as in languages like French or German. Feminine Adûnaic nouns always describe female things, male nouns describe male things and neuter nouns describe inanimate objects without gender (SD/425). There is a fourth “common” gender for animate beings that can have gender, but in the particular instance do not have their gender specified (SD/426). The gendered-nouns have somewhat different declensions than the neuter-nouns.

Other than in noun declension, there is no grammatical effect of gender. For example, there is no gender agreement for adjectives or verbs (SD/425).

Reference ✧ SD/425


neuter-nouns ✧ SD/426
masculine-nouns ✧ SD/426
feminine-nouns ✧ SD/426
common-nouns ✧ SD/426

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