Q. Andúril pn. “Flame of the West”

Q. Andúril, pn. “Flame of the West”

The name of Aragorn’s sword after it was reforged (LotR/277), rechristened from its original name Narsil. This new name is a combination of the prefix andú- “west” and the root √RIL “brilliance” (PE17/35, 47). It was translated “Flame of the West” (LotR/277, Let/425).

Conceptual Development: Aragorn’s sword was long called Branding in Lord of the Rings drafts, and ᴹQ. Andúril did not appear until a late typescript (WR/370).

References ✧ Let/425; LotR/277; LotRI; PE17/34, 47; SA/ril




andú- “going down, setting (of sun), west” ✧ PE17/35 (andū)
RIL “brilliant (light), brilliance” ✧ PE17/47; SA/ril

ᴹQ. Andúril pn. “Flame of the West”

See Q. Andúril for discussion.

References ✧ WR/370; WRI