N. Taur-na-Danion loc. “Forest of Pines”

N. Taur-na-Danion, loc. “Forest of Pines”

Earliest name of Dorthonion in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, first appearing as Taur Danin (SM/197) and later expanded to Taur-na-Danion (LR/127) with variants -Thanion, -Donion, -Thonion before ultimately being replaced by the Ilkorin name Dorthonion (LR/145). It is a combination of taur¹ “forest”, na “of” and early variants of thaun “pine”, possibly as an earlier Gnomish-style genitive plural.

See S. Dorthonion for further discussion.

References ✧ LR/127, 145; LRI; SM/197, 296, 330; SMI/Dorthonion, Taur-na-Danion





taur¹ “forest, great wood”
na “with, by; of”
thaun “pine-tree”