Ad. nithil n. (strong-I gendered fem) “girl” (Category: Girl)

Ad. nithil n. (strong-I gendered fem) “girl” (Category: Girl)

A noun translated “girl” and fully declined as an example of a feminine Strong I noun (SD/430). It is also used as an example of feminine nouns that use the suffix -i in their objective inflection as opposed to the usual -u: nithli (SD/431). Though not explicitly stated, nithli is also an example of the variant objective-with-syncope syntax discussed on SD/435. Carl Hostetter and Patrick Wynne suggested (AAD/21) it may be related to the Elvish root √NETH “young”.

References ✧ SD/427, 431, 436




nithlā̆t dual; normal-and-subjective ✧ SD/436
nithli objective; objective-with-syncope fem ✧ SD/431
nithlu- objective; objective-with-syncope ✧ SD/436
nithul- objective ✧ SD/436
nithīl plural ✧ SD/436
nithlim plural subjective ✧ SD/436
nithlin subjective ✧ SD/436