S. Ethir Anduin loc. “Mouths of Anduin”

S. Ethir Anduin, loc. “Mouths of Anduin”

Mouth of the river Anduin (LotR/400), translated “Mouths of Anduin” in Tolkien’s “Unfinished Index” of The Lord of the Rings (RC/350). This name is a combination of ethir¹ “river mouth” with the river name.

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, this name first appeared as N. Ethir-andon, soon revised to N. Ethir-anduin, matching changes in the river name itself (TI/298).

References ✧ LotRI/Ethir Anduin; PMI/Ethir Anduin; RC/350; UTI/Ethir Anduin



ethir¹ “mouth of a river, (lit.) outflow” ✧ RC/350
Anduin “Great River, (lit.) Long River” ✧ RC/350

N. Ethir-anduin loc.

See S. Ethir Anduin for discussion.

References ✧ SDI1/Ethir Anduin; TI/298; TII/Ethir Anduin; WRI/Ethir Anduin




ethir “mouth of a river”
Anduin “Great River”