Q. Angaráto m. “*Iron Champion”

Q. Angaráto, m. “*Iron Champion”

The father-name of S. Angrod, from which his Sindarin name was derived (PM/346). It seems to be a compound of anga “iron” and aráto “champion” (SA/ar(a)), though the second element may actually be a masculinized form of the adjective arata “noble”. Like his brother Findaráto, his name is “Telerin in form” to honour their mother, with the adjectival element arata second. A more natural Quenya form of the name would be Artanga (PM/346).

References ✧ PM/346-347; PMI/Angrod; SA/ar(a)



anga “iron” ✧ PM/347
aráto “champion, eminent man, noble, lord, king” ✧ SA/ar(a)
T. aráto “*noble” ✧ PM/346


Q. Artanga m. “*Noble Iron”

A “Quenyarized” form of Angrod’s father-name: Angaráto, with the adjectival element arta- first (PM/346).

References ✧ PM/346; PMI/Angrod



arata “high, noble, exalted, lofty” ✧ PM/346 (arta-)
anga “iron”