Dan. second short vowel of same quality lost; [V₁CV₁CV] > [V₁CCV]

Dan. second short vowel of same quality lost; [V₁CV₁CV] > [V₁CCV]

Like many other Eldarin languages, Danian seems to have lost a short unstressed vowel when it followed another vowel of the same quality. There are attested examples of this development for the vowels [a], [e] and [o]. There is one example, though, where the syncope appears not to have occurred: Dan. Edel < ᴹ✶edel- (Ety/ELED). It seems likely that the primitive form of this word ended in a short vowel, so perhaps primitive short final vowels vanished before the Danian syncope, thereby preventing the vowel loss.

Order (01900)

After 01600 short final vowels vanished ᴹ✶edel- > Dan. Edel Ety/ELED
After 01800 [a], [e], [i] broke into diphthongs before [l], [r] clusters ᴹ√ÁLAM > Dan. alm Ety/ÁLAM
Before 02000 final vowels became [a] or vanished ᴹ√ÁLAM > Dan. alm Ety/ÁLAM

Phonetic Rule Elements

[aCaCV] > [aCCV]
[eCeCV] > [eCCV]
[iCiCV] > [iCCV]
[oCoCV] > [oCCV]
[uCuCV] > [uCCV]

Phonetic Rule Examples

alamā > almā aCaCV > aCCV ᴹ√ÁLAM > Dan. alm ✧ Ety/ÁLAM
eledā > eldā aCaCV > aCCV ᴹ√ÉLED > Dan. Elda ✧ Ety/ELED
garamā > garmā aCaCV > aCCV ᴹ√ƷARAM > Dan. garma ✧ Ety/ƷARAM
kwenedē > kwendē eCeCV > eCCV ᴹ✶kwenedē > Dan. cwenda ✧ Ety/KWEN(ED)
ŋgolodō > ŋgoldō oCoCV > oCCV ᴹ√ÑGÓLOD > Dan. golda ✧ Ety/ÑGOLOD