Dan. garma n. “wolf”

⚠️Dan. garma n. “wolf”

A (rejected) noun for “wolf” developed from the (rejected) root ᴹ√ƷARAM (Ety/ÑGARAM), most likely from primitive *✶ʒaramā [ɣaramā] given its cognates. It is an example of the Danian syncope, with second unstressed [a] vanishing after the identical vowel. It is also one of the Danian words for which a long final vowel developed into short final [a]. Finally, it provides an example of how [ɣ] became [g] in Danian.

References ✧ Ety/ƷARAM; EtyAC/ƷARAM




Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√ƷARAM > garma [ɣaramā] > [garamā] > [garmā] > [garma] ✧ Ety/ƷARAM