Ilk. garm n. “wolf” (Category: Wolf)

Ilk. garm n. “wolf” (Category: Wolf)

A Doriathrin noun for “wolf” derived from the root ᴹ√ÑGAR(A)M (Ety/ÑGARAM), probably from a primitive form *✶ŋgaramō given its Quenya and Noldorin cognates ᴹQ. narmo and N. garaf (as suggested by Helge Fauskanger, AL-Doriathrin/garm). If so, the second a was lost due to the Ilkorin Syncope, and the the initial [ŋg-] simplified to [g-]. The initial syllable of the primitive form was probably stressed, since the initial [ŋgar-] did not simplify to [ŋgr-].

Conceptual Development: An earlier version of this entry had the root ᴹ√ƷARAM, but this produced the same form Dor. garm in Doriathrin [Ilkorin] since initial [ɣ] became [g].

References ✧ Ety/ƷARAM, ÑGAR(A)M; EtyAC/ƷARAM





Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√ƷARAM > garm [ɣaramā] > [ɣarama] > [ɣarma] > [garma] > [garm] ✧ Ety/ƷARAM
ᴹ√ÑGAR(A)M > garm [ŋgaramō] > [ŋgaramo] > [ŋgarmo] > [ŋgarm] > [garm] ✧ Ety/ÑGAR(A)M