Ilkorin/Doriathrin Semantic Categories

1. Physical World

1.21 Earth, Land

dôr n. “land”

1.22 Hill, Mountain

orth n. “mountain”
rhass n. “precipice”

1.23 Plain, Field

rost n. “plain, wide land between mountains”

1.24 Dale, Valley

dôl n. “flat/lowlying vale”
nand n. “field, valley”

1.31 Water

duin n. “water, river”

1.33 Lake, Pond

line n. “pool”
moth n. “pool”
ring n. “cold pool or lake (in mountains)”
umboth n. “large pool”

1.35 Wave, Surge

espalass n. “foaming (?fall)”
gwing n. “spindrift, flying spray”

1.36 Brook, Stream, River

celon n. “river”
duil n. “river”
rant n. “flow, course of river”

1.41 Woods, Forest

taur n. “wood (place and material), forest”

1.44 Rock, Stone

brith n. “broken stones, gravel”
brithon adj. “pebbly”

1.46 Cave

rôth (rodh-) n. “cave”

1.51 Sky, Heavens

gell n. “sky”

1.53 Moon

Istil n. “Moon”

1.54 Star

el n. “star”
tim n. “spark, star”

1.542 Starlight

istil n. “silver light, starlight”
tindum n. “(starry) twilight, starlight”

1.61 Light

gôl¹ n. “light”

1.62 Darkness

daum n. “night-time, gloom”
ungol n. “darkness”

1.622 Dark, Murky

ungor adj. “black, dark, gloomy”

1.63 Shade, Shadow

dair n. “shadow of trees”
gwath n. “shade”
muil n. “twilight, shadow, vagueness”

1.71 Air, Ether

gwelo n. “air, lower air”

1.72 Wind

gwau n. “wind”

1.74 Mist, Fog, Haze

hidhum n. “fog”

1.83 Smoke (n)

usc n. “smoke”

2. Mankind

2.23 Male

ganu n. and adj. “male (person or animal)”
*-on suf. “masculine suffix”

2.24 Female

*-ien suf. “element in female names”
*-il suf. “feminine suffix”

2.26 Girl

gwen n. “girl”

2.28 Infant

laf n. “babe”

2.31 Husband

benn n. “husband”

2.35 Father

adar n. “father”
adda n. “father (hypocoristic)”

2.36 Mother

aman n. “mother”

3. Animals

3.64 Bird

cwên n. “small gull, petrel, sea-bird”
myrilind n. “nightingale”
thorn n. “eagle”

3.65 Fish (n)

líw n. “fish”

3.71 Wolf

drôg n. “wolf”
garm n. “wolf”

3.73 Bear

broga n. “bear”

3.81 Insect

gwilwering n. “butterfly”
nass n. “web”

3.86 Swan

alch n. “swan”

4. Body Parts and Functions

4.15 Blood

ôr n. “blood”

4.19 Back

dôn n. “back”

4.20 Head

*dol n. “head, *hill”

4.204 Face

nef n. “face”

4.23 Nose

nîw n. “nose”

4.33 Hand

mâb n. “hand”

4.37 Foot

tal n. “foot”

4.393 Feather

cwess n. “down (feathers)”

4.81 Strong, Mighty, Powerful

bel n. “strength”
n. “muscle, sinew; vigour, physical strength”

4.83 Well; Health

laig adj. “fresh, lively; keen, sharp”

4.84 Sick; Sickness

côm n. “sickness”

4.85 to Wound; Wound; Wounded

esgar¹ n. “wound”

5. Food and Drink

5.35 Cup

saum n. “drinking-vessel”

5.51 Bread

basgorn n. “round bread”

5.53 Dough

maig¹ n. “dough”

5.61 Meat

ass n. “cooked food, meat”

6. Clothing and Adornment

6.63 Pin, Brooch

tangol n. “pin, brooch”
tass n. “pin”
taum n. “holder, socket, hasp, clasp, staple”

6.72 Gem, Jewel

*mîr n. “jewel”

7. Dwelling and Furniture

7.122 Home

*bar n. “home”

7.26 Floor

talum n. “ground, floor”

7.27 Wall

gad n. “fence”

7.28 Roof

rond n. “domed roof”
tuss n. “thatch”

8. Agriculture and Vegetation

8.31 to Sow; Seed

erdh n. “seed, germ”

8.51 Grass

esg¹ n. “sedge, reed”
esgar² n. “reed-bed”
salch n. “grass”

8.60 Tree (generic)

gald n. “tree”
lalm n. “elm-tree”
orn n. “tree”
#reg n. “holly”
regorn n. “holly-tree”

8.61 Oak

dorn n. “oak”

8.62 Beech

galbreth n. “beech”
neldor n. “beech”

8.64 Pine

thôn n. “pine-tree”

9. Physical Acts and Materials

9.11 to Do, Make

tag- v. “to fix, construct, make”

9.14 to Bend

caun adj. “bowed, bow-shaped, bent”

9.17 Bond (n)

gwedh n. “bond”

9.22 to Cut

rest n. “cut”

9.43 Carpenter

thavon n. “carpenter, wright, builder”

9.64 Gold

laur n. “gold”

9.65 Silver

telf n. “silver”

9.74 Glass

bril n. “glass, crystal”

10. Motion and Transportation

10.23 to Fall

thall adj. “steep, falling steeply (of river)”
thalos n. “torrent”

10.62 to Bring

tog- v. “to bring”
tolda- v. “to fetch”

10.74 Bridge

adhum n. “bridge”

10.87 Mast

breth n. “(beech) mast”

11. Possession and Trade

12. Spatial Relations

12.221 Together

gwo- pref. “together”

12.272 Hidden, Concealed

esgal n. “screen, hiding, roof of leaves”
thúren adj. “guarded, hidden”

12.353 Edge

rîm n. “edge, hem, border”

12.392 Out, Outside

ar- pref. “outside, beside”
argad n. “exterior, outside, (lit.) outside the fence”

12.3955 In Front

nivra- v. “to face, go forward”

12.399 From, Away

go prep. “from, away; patronymic”

12.45 East

radhon n. “east”

12.46 West

nivon adv. and n. “forward; west”

12.58 Tall

taig adj. “steep, tall, deep”
tund adj. “tall”

12.62 Narrow

trêw adj. “fine, slender”

12.63 Thick (in Dimension)

tiog adj. “thick, fat”

12.67 Deep

tovon adj. “lowlying, deep, low”

13. Quantity and Number

13.15 Much, Many

#meneg num. card. “thousand”

13.22 Empty

*losgen adj. “empty”
*lost adj. “empty”

13.32 One

*er num. card. “one”

13.38 Double, Twice

ado (adu-) adj. “double”

13.41 Three

*neld num. card. “three”

14. Time

14.21 Fast, Swift, Quick

ascar adj. “violent, rushing, impetious”

14.26 End (n, temporal)

tell n. “close, end, last part”

14.42 Night

môr n. “night”

14.46 Evening

gwine n. “evening”

14.462 Dusk

dûm n. “twilight”

15. Sense Perception

15.44 Sound (n)

ding n. “sound, *twang”
esg² n. “rustle, noise of leaves”
lóm n. “echo”
lómen adj. “echoing”

15.562 Blinking

tingla- v. “to sparkle”

15.57 Bright

gelion adj. “bright”

15.62 Light in Color

lûn adj. “pale”

15.65 Black

dunn adj. “black”

15.66 Red

arn adj. “red”

15.67 Blue

gelu adj. “(pale) blue”
gwind adj. “pale blue”

15.68 Green

gwên n. “greenness”
gwene adj. “green”

15.70 Grey

hedhu adj. “grey”
thind adj. “grey”

15.74 Hard

tâch adj. “firm, stiff, solid”
targ adj. “tough, stiff”
thrôn adj. “stiff, hard”
tung adj. “taut, tight; resonant (of strings)”

15.75 Soft

maig² adj. “soft, pliant”

15.81 Heavy, Weighty

lung adj. “heavy”

15.82 Light, Nimble

legol adj. “nimble, active, running free”

15.83 Wet, Damp

mêd adj. “wet”
mîd n. “moisture”

15.88 Dirty, Soiled

gôd n. “dirtiness, filth”
góda- v. “to soil, stain”
gôr adj. “soiled, dirty”

16. Emotion

16.36 Sad

dem (dimb-) adj. “sad, gloomy”
dim n. “gloom, sadness”

16.52 Brave, Courageous

bereth n. “valor”

16.53 Fear, Fright

ngorth n. “horror”
ngorthin adj. “horrible”

16.65 Faithful

boron adj. and n. “steadfast; trusty man, faithful vassal”

16.82 Ugly

olg adj. “hideous, horrible”

17. Mind and Thought

17.21 Wise

(n)gôl adj. “wise, magical”

17.36 Secret

muilin adj. “secret, veiled”

18. Language and Music

18.12 to Sing

lind adj. and n. “tuneful, sweet; *singing”

18.68 Tale, Story

cwindor n. “narrator”

18.70 Instrument

gangel n. “harp”

19. Social Relations

19.11 Country ('European')

garth (gardh-) n. “realm”

19.32 King

tôr n. “king”

19.33 Queen

tóril n. “queen”

19.36 Noble, Nobleman

garon n. “lord”

19.412 Lady

*hiril n. “lady”

20. Warfare and Hunting

20.13 War

oth n. “war”

20.17 Soldier

ber n. “valiant man, warrior”

20.20 Captain

hest n. “captain”

20.34 Shield

trum n. “shield”

21. Law and Judgment

22. Religion and Beliefs

22.42 Magic, Witchcraft, Sorcery

durgul n. “sorcery”
luth n. “*spell, charm”
morgul n. “sorcery”
(n)golo n. “magic, lore”

22.44 Elf, Nymph, Fairy

cwend n. “Elf”
Egla n. “Star-folk, Elf”
Eld n. “Star-folk, Elf”
naugol n. “Dwarf”
(n)gold n. “one of the wise folk, Gnome”

22.441 Goblin, Monster

ulion n. “monster, deformed and hideous creature”
urch n. “goblin”

23. Grammar

23.5 Noun Inflection

-a(n) suf. “genitive”
*-in suf. “plural suffix”

23.9 Affix

*-en suf. “adjectival suffix”
*-os suf. “abstract ending”