Q. Ósanwe-centa pn. “[Enquiry into] Communication of Thought”

Q. Ósanwe-centa, pn. “[Enquiry into] Communication of Thought”

Title of an essay on the mental-communication abilities of the Elves, with the English translation “Communication of Thought” (MR/415). Elsewhere, the word ósanwë by itself is translated “communication of thought” or “interchange of thought” (VT39/23-4, PE17/183). Furthermore, in the title of another essay, centa is translated “enquiry”: Essecenta Eldarinwa “Enquiry (into the origins) of the Elvish names” (MR/415, WJ/359). Thus, the full meaning of this title is likely “Enquiry into Communication of Thought”.

References ✧ MR/415, 471




ósanwë “communication of thought, interchange of thought; (lit.) thinking together (dual)” ✧ MR/415
centa “enquiry, *essay” ✧ MR/415 (kenta)