Q. Findecáno m. “*Hair Commander”

Q. Findecáno, m. “*Hair Commander”

The Quenya name of S. Fingon, a compound of findë “hair” and cáno “commander” (PM/345). The initial element of his name alluded to, but was not directly derived from, his grandfather’s name Finwë (PM/345).

Conceptual Development: In earlier genealogy tables, his name was given as Finicáno. In the last such table, he appeared as Findicáno >> Findecáno (PM/361).

References ✧ PM/345, 361; PMI/Fingon




findë “hair (especially of the head), tress or plait of hair” ✧ PM/345
cáno “commander, chief(tain), ruler, governor; †crier, herald” ✧ PM/345 (káno)