S. Gilraen f. “*Netted Stars”

S. Gilraen, f. “*Netted Stars”

Aragorn’s mother (LotR/1113). Her name is a combination of gil “star” and raen² “netted, enlaced”, meaning “one adorned with a tressure set with small gems in its network” (VT42/11), more more loosely “*Netted Star”.

Conceptual Development: In drafts of the Lord of the Rings appendices, her name was Gilrain (PM/196). In notes from the 1950s, he indicated the second element of her name was raen² “smiling, gracious, sweet-faced” (PE17/182).

References ✧ LotR/1113; LotRI; PE17/182; PE22/159; PMI/Gilrain; TII; VT42/11





gil “star; (bright) spark, silver glint, twinkle of light” ✧ PE22/159; VT42/11
raen² “smiling, gracious, sweet-faced” ✧ PE17/182
RAY¹ “net, knit, contrive network or lace, involve in a network, enlace” ✧ PE22/159
raen¹ “netted, enlaced” ✧ VT42/11