Dan. [b]

Dan. [b]

The primitive voiced labial stop was preserved initially in both Danian dialects, as well as developing from initial nasalized [mb] (PE19/18, 20). However, medial [b] became [v], spelled “f” (PE19/23). It is likely that [b] was preserved medially in some consonant clusters, but there are no attested examples.

References ✧ PE19/18, 20-21

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Phonetic Development

Dan. [no change] b < b ✧ PE19/18 (b- > b-); PE19/18 (b- > b-); PE19/21 (br- > br-); PE19/21 (br- > br-); PE19/21 (bl- > bl-); PE19/21 (bl- > bl-)
Dan. initial nasals vanished before stops b- < mb- ✧ PE19/20 (mb- > b); PE19/20 (mb- > b)