Dan. [au]

Dan. [au]

According to the Comparative Tables, this diphthong only appeared in the East Danian, where it was preserved from the primitive diphthong ✶[au], and also developed from primitive ✶[ou] when short [ŏ] became [a] in Primitive Danian, whereas [au] became [ō] in Ossiriandic from both these sources (PE19/25). In The Etymologies, however, laur “gold” was explicitly marked Ossiriandic (Ety/LÁWAR), so perhaps Tolkien changed his mind about the development of this diphthong.

References ✧ PE19/25

Element In

Phonetic Development

Dan. [no change] au < au ✧ PE19/25 (au > †au); PE19/25 (†au > au); PE19/25 (†au > au)
Dan. short [ŏ] became [a] in Primitive Danian a < ŏ ✧ PE19/25 (ou > †au)
Dan. [au] became [ō] in Ossiriandic au > ō ✧ PE19/25 (†au > ǭ > ō); PE19/25 (†au > ǭ > ō)