Q. Anardil m. “*Lover of the Sun”

Q. Anardil, m. “*Lover of the Sun”
The given name of Tar-Aldarion (UT/219), and also the name of the sixth king of Gondor (LotR/1038). This name seems to be a compound Anar “Sun” and -(n)dil “-lover”. This name also appeared in the form Anardilya (UT/174), as an endearment spoken to the young Tar-Aldarion by his grandfather Vëantur.

References ✧ LotRI; PE17/152; PE21/86; PMI; UT/174; UTI



Anar “Sun” ✧ PE17/152
-(n)dil “-friend, -lover; devotion, disinterested love” ✧ PE17/152 (dil)