Q. Anárion m. “*Son of the Sun”

Q. Anárion, m. “*Son of the Sun”

The younger son of Elendil, who was counted as the second king of Gondor and the ancestor of all Gondorian kings until Aragon took the throne (LotR/1044). The name is likely a compound of Anar “Sun” and the patronymic suffix -ion “-ion”. A plural form of this name, Anárioni, was used to refer to the kings of Gondor as the descendants of Anárion (PM/196).

Conceptual Development: When this character was first mentioned in the early tales of the “Fall of Númenor” his name was ᴹQ. Firiel, but this was soon changed to ᴹQ. Anárion (SD/401). The name given for him in the Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s was also Anárion (TI/119).

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Anárioni plural “Heirs of Anárion” ✧ PMI/Anárioni


Anar “Sun” ✧ SA/nár
-ion “-son, masculine patronymic”

ᴹQ. Anárion m.

See Q. Anárion for discussion.

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Anar “Sun”
-ion “-son”

ᴹQ. Firiel m.

See Q. Anárion for discussion.

References ✧ SD/401; SDI2/Firiel